Fresh Healthy 

Salsas & Couscous 

for Every

Occasion & Taste Bud!

artisan salsas & couscous

Artisan Salsas & Couscous - Freshly made by Leopards Kitchen in Kildare

The Leopards Kitchen vision is to bring Fresh and Healthy Artisan Salsas & Couscous to everyone's table. Our unique Artisan (homemade) methods using locally sourced ingredients were born during the Covid-19 Pandemic, quite literally from our home kitchen in Kildare, Ireland.


We had always made our own version of fresh healthy tasty Salsa. This formed the food foundation for the rest of our delicious low-calorie vegan and vegetarian produce.


Choose your Favourite Artisan Salsa below:

Our mouth watering Artisan Salsa range includes our original Signature Spicy Chilli Salsa, a medium Chilli Mango Salsa and a milder Chilli Salsa made with refreshing Cucumber - and all come with the juiciest mixed coloured cherry tomatoes. Our latest addition, the Multi Bean Salsa, contains 6 different healthy beans! 

Our delicious healthy, light Couscous comes in 2 variations - Roasted peach and feta cheese, the other one Carrot, Ginger & Spring onion.

Our fresh Pepper Packs contain Juicy Peppers stuffed with a choice of either Mango Salsa or Peach & Feta Couscous.